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AIR564(Auto Ink Recharger)HP364,564,922,685

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AIR564(Auto Ink Recharger)HP364,564,922,685

Innovation by small ideas!

  • 5 national patents, 3 PCT application - Exclusive sales with AIR!
  • Amazing distribution & sales margin - low price + saving 95% ink cost
  • Official partner with Inktec - guaranteed high quality + perfect technologies.
  • Clean, simple way to charge - the world's 1st "personal" ink recharger.



  1. Useable cartridge : HP 364,564,920,922,685 etc
  2. One touch ink recharging, 4 inks recharging at the same time, perfect clean recharging, very low price.
  3. How to use: Insert cartridges to recharger - Press the button - The LCD turns 'FULL' when it is done.

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